The second fragrance, next to Queen of love, from a unique collection of candles with flower petals. This time, there were lavender petals embedded in soy wax. Pure lavender, handmade candle with a wooden wick that shoots pleasantly when burning.

To enjoy the scent of the candle for as long as possible and avoid tunnel burning, do not extinguish the flame until the entire top part of the wax has melted. Do not place a burning candle in a draft or leave it unattended. Before burning again, cut the wick to a length of approximately 5 mm. If the candle goes out immediately when you light it for the first time, hold the flame source longer.

Ingredients: Hydrogenated SoyVegetable Oil, Fragrance composition Lavender (perfume, coumarin, linalool), lavender petals


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Lavender Delight [small soy candle]

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